Terabox Mod Apk v3.23.6 [VIP, Premium Unlocked, Mega Mod] Download For Android

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App NameTerabox Mod Apk
Latest Versionv3.23.6
Publisher NameFlextech Inc.
Google Play IDcom.dubox.drive
RequiresUp to Android 5.1
Size112 MB
Last Updated25 January 2024

About the Terabox Mod Apk

First of all we will tell you what is cloud storage; Cloud storage is the storage where your data is stored and saved online; If you have put any data in this storage, it will not go away until you delete it. If for any reason just in case your phone is lost or reset or stolen, you can retrieve all your data in another mobile with the help of your email id and password.


Why is Cloud Storage Important to Us?

Let me tell you that cloud storage is much faster than the storage on your phone; Apart from this, the storage of mobile phones is very less. We cannot put much of our data in this. Due to the storage being full, sometimes the mobile also starts hanging. Due to less storage in mobile or due to mobile hang, we use cloud storage where we can keep our data safe.

If you want to buy cloud storage, then you will find many different types of storage here, which you can buy according to your need, but today we will tell you how to use this app for free, so till the end Stay with us To use the app for free, first you need to download this app from our website.

What is Terabox Mod Apk?

Cloud storage is much faster than the storage on your phone; Apart from this, if there is not enough storage and disk space in the mobile phone, then your mobile phone does not work properly and sometimes goes slow. If you want to enhance the functionality of your phone and keep it running smoothly then download this Terabox Mod APK at once. This is a great way to enhance and ensure the functionality of your mobile phone.

You have enough space for everything you need in this Terabox app. It is also very important to know that the standard Terabox app may have some restrictions or drawbacks. If you want to overcome all those hurdles without spending any money then the customized version, Terabox Premium Unlocked 2024 APK, is the best choice.

TeraBox Mod APK is an interesting customized version of the official Tera Box software, which is available on Apple App Store, Google Play, and various other platforms. The original Terra Box software was created by the prestigious FlexTech Inc., a company known for creating high quality apps. It has got a 4.2-star rating on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded by over 10 million users worldwide.

All users appreciate this cloud storage tool and its possibilities. However, it is important to know that the basic version may have some restrictions and limitations. But not to worry! We’ve got your help. To get rid of these restrictions and limitations, you can enjoy all the Premium Pro features without spending a single penny. We are very glad to present this apk to you. Get ready to experience a whole new level of efficiency and ease with this updated version. Let’s take a look and see what great things this Terabox Mod APK has to offer!

Features of Terabox Mod Apk

TERABOX MOD APK v3.23.6 [Premium Unlocked, Mega Mod]


1024 GB Free Storage
High-Speed Download and Backup
Hd Playback
Smart Search
Premium Unlocked
No Ads
User-Friendly Interface


TeraBox Mod APK is an interesting customized version of the official Terra Box software, which is available on Apple App Store, Google Play, and various other platforms. The original Terra Box software was created by the prestigious FlexTech Inc., a company known for creating high quality apps. It has got a 4.2-star rating on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded by over 10 million users worldwide.


Terabox Mod Apk 1024 GB Free Storage

terabox mod apk

Terabox Mod APK provided 1024 GB Free storage , which is quite a lot of storage to save your data; By using this cloud storage, your mobile speed increases and mobile also does not hang. So let’s know what you can keep in storage. So in this you can keep important photos, videos and all document of Terabox Mod APK with high quality.

All Available Screenshot of Terabox Mod Apk


Terabox Mod Apk 1024 GB Free Storage

With Terabox Mod Apk you can enjoy free storage; Here you get 1024 GB of free storage, which is a lot of storage; You don’t need to save any data on your phone; You can keep all the data here. Apart from 1024 GB, you also get 300 GB of free storage in this Terabox Mod APK.

High-Speed Download and Backup

If you want to download backup any of your data, you are backed up with high-speed download, so that user can download all their data quickly, for this you must have internet connection because all these photos And the video remains saved in online storage.

Terabox Mod Apk 1024 GB Free Storage

Terabox Mod Apk Hd Playback

You have saved all your data in cloud storage and after that you will not bring it back to phone storage again and again; In such a situation, you will also need a video player there because you have saved a lot of videos in cloud storage as well. There will be safety that you want to see, then you will need a video player to share here.

Here you can easily search anything as you know it would be very difficult to search in such a huge storage. That’s why to make it easy our developers have given you intelligent tools which you can use to search for anything anytime and anywhere.

Terabox Mod Apk Premium Unlocked


Storage has become an important commodity in today’s time. It is our responsibility to keep all your important documents safe. We can keep our document in different place like pen drive hard drive computer etc. Managing and saving our essential data files can still be difficult with different physical media like pen drive, hard drive and internal computer space. That’s when the Terra Box app comes in handy!

It offers 1024GB of cloud storage for free, making it a one-stop shop for all your storage needs. Now you can easily and securely store your favorite movies, music, videos and other important data. You can rest assured that the Terra Box Mod APK is absolutely safe. Here your data is not leaked in any way. Your privacy and data security is paramount.

Fast Upload and Download Speed

The upload and download of any data is very fast in Terabox Mod APK. Whether you’re uploading important files or downloading large media files, the remarkable speed capabilities of this APK have you covered. Take advantage of the ease of quick uploads and downloads, allowing you to maximize your work and enjoy your content without interruption. IN 2024 Terabox Premium MOD APK assures that your file transfers are fast, smooth, and without any interruptions.

Terabox Mod Apk Fast Upload and Download Speed

No Ads

Terabox MOD APK will immerse you in a seamless and ad-free experience. Say goodbye to those annoying ads that interrupt your work or waste your time. Terrabox gives you a spotless environment in which you can focus on what matters without interruption. Enjoy a seamless and ad-free experience from start to finish when managing your files, watching your favorite video, or accessing your stored data.

Because of Terabox’s dedication to providing its customers with an ad-free environment, enter a world where your work and pleasure take center stage. We have removed all disruptive ads and enable you to use all in-app features without paying anything.

Terabox Mod Apk Login Failure


If you are having problem in Tera Box Mod APK login through email id then you can login very easily by entering your mobile number.

Cloud Storage Apk Mod

TeraBox: Cloud Storage Space Mod is a fork of TeraBox: Cloud Storage Space created by. The following are the differences between the mod version and the original version: Unlocked Premium… TeraBox: Cloud Storage Space 3.23.6 can be downloaded in either mod or original form at teraboxmodapk.com.in/.

Terabox Mod Apk No Ads

When you use the Terabox mod apk no ads, you will not see any advertisements. Because the adverts can be invasive and irritating, this can be a huge aggravation using the official app.

Terabox Mod Apk is Safe or Not ?

There is always a possibility of encountering virus or other security threats while downloading MOD applications. On the other hand, Terabox Mod APK, if obtained from a trustworthy source from our website teraboxmodapk.com.in, is considered to be largely safe. It is important to exercise caution and download Mod APKs from a trusted website or platform. So the Terabox app is safe if you download it from a reputable source or platform like Play Store and iOS App Store.

Difference Between Normal and Premium Terabox Apk

FeaturePremium APKNormal APK
File Storage space2TB Free Storage1TB Free Storage
download and Upload speedFastNormal
Hd PlaybackYesYes
Smart SearchYesYes
User-Friendly InterfaceYesYes
Ads FreeYesNo
File transferYesYes
File shareYesYes
Auto backupYesNo
File streamingYesYes
customer supportYesNo

Benefits and Drawbacks of Terabox mod apk

A customised version of the software called Terabox mod apk provides all of Terabox Premium’s features at no cost. Mod apk, however, might be dangerous since it might include malware or other harmful software.

Using or not using the Terabox mod apk is ultimately a personal choice. The full benefits and drawbacks of Terabox mod apk are listed below.

  • Video resolution of 1080p.
  • Video backup is available.
  • High Speed download
  • Translation corrected
  • No advertising.
  • Google log in is not working.
  • The safe is still restricted to 200MB (this is from the server).
  • Malware and viruses are a risk.
  • The account may be suspended.

Alternatives of Terabox Mod Apk

The popular Terabox alternatives are listed below. Xiaomi Cloud, Dropbox, Samsung Cloud, Baidu network disk, and other services are included. I offered in-depth information on these alternatives.

1. Xiaomi Cloud

Xiaomi Cloud is a cloud storage service provided by Xiaomi. Users can purchase more storage space, which includes 5GB of free space.

Xiaomi Cloud
  • 5GB of free storage
  • Simple to use.
  • Compatible with Xiaomi devices.
  • Provides a number of features, including file sharing, backup, and restore.
  • Storage space is limited.
  • Not all countries have it.
  • It is less secure than other cloud storage providers.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox has several different plans, one of which is a 2 GB free plan. A paid plan with up to 5 TB of storage can be upgraded.

  • For $9.99 per month, you get 2TB of storage.
  • Safe and dependable.
  • Widely accepted.
  • Simple to use.
  • Large amounts of storage can be expensive.
  • It does not integrate as well with Xiaomi devices as Xiaomi. Cloud.

3. Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a cloud storage service that the company provides. After using up the first 15GB of free storage, users can purchase additional storage space.

Samsung Cloud
  • 15GB of free storage.
  • Simple to use.
  • Compatible with Samsung devices.
  • Provides a number of features, including file sharing, backup, and restore.
  • Storage space is limited.
  • Not all countries have it.
  • It is less secure than other cloud storage providers.

4. Baidu network disc

Baidu Network Disc is a cloud storage service provided by Baidu. After the initial 10GB of free storage space, users can purchase additional storage space.

Baidu network disc
  • Provides up to 100GB of free storage space
  • Safe and dependable
  • widely accepted
  • Simple to use
  • Not available in every country
  • Xiaomi Cloud is not as well integrated with Xiaomi devices.
  • The user interface is not as friendly as that of some other cloud storage providers.

How To Download & Install Terabox Mod Apk for Android

  • First of All Download the latest version of Terabox Mod Apk Given above from Download link on to your device.
  • Then After click above the direct installation link to install Terabox Mod Apk application for the device.
  • Then After enable unknown sources to install the application (Go Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown sources).
Turn on Unknown sources
  • Then After Tap Install button – > Terabox Mod Apk will be installed on your device.
Tap Install button
  • Then After installation completed > Tap Open, Logo will appear Terabox Mod Apk will be ready with your device.
  • Then After Enter your email id to verify your account, then verification code will send to your email id. Then enter it in the Terabox Mod Apk verification code box.
email id to verify your account

How To Download Terabox Mod Apk For PC/Laptop

To download Terabox Mod APK, follow all the steps given below.

  • First of all you have to search teraboxmodapk.com.in in Google search bar.
Search teraboxmodapk.com.in
  • After searching its new dashboard will open
then open terabox mod apk dashbord
  • After opening the dashboard, you have to click on the download button.
click here to download terabox mod apk
  • After clicking on the download button it will redirect to another page where you have to download Tera Box Mod APK for PC
download terabbox mod apk for pc
  • After that you have to click on the button of Download For Tera Box Mod APK for PC
  • After that exe file will be downloaded automatically.
download exe file terabbox mod apk
  • After that you have to click on the install button
tap to install terabbox mod apk
  • After installation, you will have to login here, you can login with the help of your Gmail ID or mobile number.
login terabox mod apk
  • After login you can avail the benefits of


While it may sound tempting to obtain premium features through the Terrabox Mod APP, it is important to examine the potential risk factors and legal consequences. Terrabox, as a respectable service, urges users to prioritize security, comply with copyright laws, and avail legitimate services of the platform to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


This website is not an official website of Terabox Mod Apk this blog is only for educational purposes, which provides all details of Terabox Mod Apk, we are not supporting any illegal activities, if you are the original owner of Terabox Mod Apk then kindly check we are promoting your App, still if you feel something goes then contact us via our contact form we ready to discuss with you.

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